Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reading, Grief, Authors I Love, and Shebooks' Equal Writes Campaign

I confess. I'm lying in bed. I slept for 9 hours last night, but after washing and putting away all of the linens that were used for guest beds during Dan's final days, I'm horizontal again.

Lying in bed is a good place to keep up with the condolence notes. (Thank your from the bottom of my heart for each and every word.) Email. Facebook. I read and write back. Or just read, making a mental note to write back later.

Reading anything longer than these note from my friends and Dan's friends has been pretty much impossible. My eyes seem to be unable to focus right or something. Today, however, my friend Elizabeth Aquino's book has come out on Shebooks.  I've had the privilege of watching this book take shape while we wrote together at UCLA and in Elizabeth's living room, as well as in the homes of others in our small writers' group. I am positive I can read this book because I love what I know of it so much, and it will be positively thrilling to see it whole. I hope you will read this courageous and beautiful story too.

And while you are traveling around on the Interwebs, check out The Equal Writes Campaign

Oh, and yeah, I have a contract with Shebooks too. More about that when my book is released.


Ms. Moon said...

When I was fresh in grief, real grief, the first time, I couldn't read a damn thing. I couldn't focus long enough to watch a sit-com, much less read a short story.
We all do it differently. And however you do it- let it be that and don't feel as if it should be another way.
And we know that Elizabeth's book is going to be the finest kind. I just DL'ed it.
Can't wait for yours.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, dearest friend. I think about you throughout my day, sending love and peace and courage and strength. I will be up to visit you before too long, and we shall drink and laugh and cry together.