Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here. Right Here.

Here's where I'm not:

Not in Maui, not in Kauai, not in pretty downtown Hilo, but yeah, follow that arrow. I'm in my room. Which is fabulous since I slept downstairs in the hallway outside my mom's room for six nights. Things are okay in Pillville for today. And thank you, all of you for your comments. I now know about executive function, complicated grief, and that there is support and love if you ask for it.

Oh, and I'm also over HERE.


Ms. Moon said...

Your room is beautiful.
So are you.

lily cedar said...

I just read the comment you left over at Elizabeth's. My family was the same, I asked for help from my siblings to care for my mum and they said no. Their solution was a nursing home for my mother, something my mum was terrified of. My sister told my mum about the nursing home plan, without my knowledge,and six days later mum was dead. I have no desire to forgive my sister.

I'm glad you're back in your bed. It's just hard.