Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Been a Rocky Year

2014 began with the countdown to surgery for the man who loved me, and it's come to an end with me stupidly losing the voicemails from him that I'd saved since his death in June. T-Mobile is holding fast to their position that these words from him to me are forever consigned to the ether. I'm still in shock.

And yes, of course, there were good things in 2014. Sweet tastes to wipe the bitter away.
As always I am awed by the love, generosity, and graciousness of friends and of my children.

I give you no resolutions. No particular plans or hopes. But with all my heart, I do wish you smooth sailing in 2015.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh Denise. Whether we have smooth sailing or not, here we are together. That is something, isn't it?

Elizabeth said...

Shit. That's what I have to say about the lost voicemails. And double shit on 2014, particularly for you. Gratitude schmatitude.

I love and admire you, always, Denise.

37paddington said...

How awful. Sending love.

Mr. Shife said...

Sorry for your loss Denise. I hope somehow and someway those voice mails return to you. Take care and Happy New Year.

shelly k. said...

when i first saw this post i thought, ouch. now, i can't help but think that the universe knows that your memories are so much more than a voice, and there was so much more "said".