Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Beach Report

The ocean was brushed with silver this morning. Surfers and pelicans amazed each other with their feats of grace and skill.

As an added bonus, the local fire department water rescue squad was out drilling. With bright red shirts over their wetsuits and matching red helmets, they divided into drowning victims and rescuers. When the victims got quite far out beyond the huge waves and began waving their arms, the rescuers skipped into the surf with flippers in one hand and a life belt on a rope in the other. Once they were knee deep in the water, they put on their flippers and stroked like crazy to the victims who were then belted and towed to safety. It was heartening to know these guys practice these skills.

And meanwhile, some of those clouds looked like they might be making big plans.

Blessings to all those in the east coast blizzard.


Ms. Moon said...

It is so hard to imagine such horrible weather coming to our folks up north. It was so sunny and mild here today.
And look at what you saw this morning- how gorgeous! And what did those clouds have in mind?

Elizabeth said...

Dang. I would have loved to be at the beach watching those guys. It feels sometimes like we live on a different planet out here.

Vesuvius At Home said...

Too gorgeous. It makes me miss California kinda fiercely.

Andrea said...

Beautiful. I'm glad you're there, safe and sound next to that silver ocean.