Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Envelope, Please.

Not quite what I have in mind. But close.

And.....the award for best doctor in Pillville goes mom's neurologist.

The things he said to me at my mom's appointment this afternoon, not in this exact order, are as follows:

You are doing a big important job.
You must have two full days off every week. Full days. I insist. You have a brain and a body that need caring for too.
Your mom is lucky.
Your job is hard.

These are the things he said to my mom:
You are really lucky to be alive and enjoying life.
You look great.
Half of all the 90 year olds have Alzheimer's. Your brain is pretty healthy.
You absolutely can't smoke.
While I don't endorse alcohol exactly, I want you to enjoy life, so you can drink a little. But only a little.

He went on to tell my mom that if she was going to drink when I wasn't in the house, she should wear a helmet. (He's very concerned about her falling.) Can't you see it? A helmet with a martini glass on it?! Just think all 90-year-old tipplers could have custom cocktail helmets like dog lovers who get baseball caps or bumper stickers that say "I love my golden retriever," or "I love my dachshund." Just think, helmets with beer steins, martini glasses, champagne glasses, etc.

I love this doctor.
I want to marry him.


Bella Rum said...

LOL I'm just picturing your mom wearing her helmet.

Love that doc. He said all the right things. You are doing an important job. People don't know how important it is to be told how important it is. Caregiving can be thankless. Your mom is very lucky.

lily cedar said...

Sounds like a very good doctor, a compassionate doctor. And he has good advice.

Ms. Moon said...

Well, you were married to a lawyer. Time to try a doctor?
Yes. Now listen to what he said. And do what he said.
Will your mother?
Oh. We shall see.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, please don't marry a neurologist. I couldn't come visit you.


In all seriousness, the helmet idea is intriguing.