Friday, March 6, 2015

A Poem and A Dialogue

Seen on yesterday's beach walk

From the website

A Person Protests to Fate 
by Jane Hirschfield

A person protests to fate:

“The things you have caused
me most to want
are those that furthest elude me.”

Fate nods.
Fate is sympathetic.

To tie the shoes, button a shirt,
are triumphs
for only the very young,
the very old.

During the long middle:

conjugating a rivet
mastering tango
training the cat to stay off the table
preserving a single moment longer than this one
continuing to wake whatever has happened the day before

and the penmanships love practices inside the body.

And now for the dialogue:

Mom, this is the handyman. Can he put the new toilet seat on your toilet now?

Oh! Sure! Hey, there! Are you married?!

Yes, I am.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks for looking out for me. One of these days we'll score.(leads handyman to bathroom to look at the toilet) 


Ms. Moon said...

What a fantastic juxtaposition!
Your mom makes a great wingman, doesn't she?

Elsewhere said...

Are you sure she wasn't asking for herself?

Elizabeth said...

I love the combination. Brava!