Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Painting and a Poem

I could write about what a surreal day it was in Pillville today. Or about how I cried at breakfast this morning with someone I'd just met when I told her about Dan.

And I might tell you all that. Tomorrow.

But tonight I keep thinking of this painting and this poem. The poem was written a couple of decades before the painting, and probably the poet and the painter had never even heard of one another.

Here's the painting, seen on my recent visit to LACMA:

The poem, from the website:

My Light With Yours
Edgar Lee Masters

When the sea has devoured the ships,
And the spires and the towers
Have gone back to the hills.
And all the cities
Are one with the plains again.
And the beauty of bronze,
And the strength of steel
Are blown over silent continents,
As the desert sand is blown—
My dust with yours forever.


When folly and wisdom are no more,
And fire is no more,
Because man is no more;
When the dead world slowly spinning
Drifts and falls through the void—
My light with yours
In the Light of Lights forever!


lily cedar said...

What a lovely poem. And I'm sorry Denise. It hurts.

Ms. Moon said...

It is hard to believe the artist and the poet never met each other.
It does hurt. You are never not going to cry sometimes.
But that light...

37paddington said...

Thank you for this, Denise.