Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thank you. You have no idea. Well, Maybe you do.

I snapped this photo on Valentine's Day
Thank you, everyone, for you well wishes for my mom--and for me. Thank you for your emails. your texts, your Facebook Likes, your calls, your company, the wine, the pie, your yoga and T'ai Chi Chih classes. Thank you for your phone calls and the nice things you said or wrote to me about caregiving. Honestly, I'm tired. And I'm shitty at it some of the time, so your words give me the faith that I can turn those shitty moments around and be better. God almighty, what would I do without you? If I had a nifty little convertible like this, I'd deliver a dozen roses to each of you.




Elizabeth said...

If you had a nifty little convertible like that, we could ride off into the sunset together!

Allison said...

We should all have a convertible full of flowers.

lily cedar said...

Caregiving is one of the hardest things to do. I find it grinds me down and does not bring out the best in me, not because I don't love people, but because I save nothing for myself. Take care woman.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm tired, too, Denise. And I don't do a hundredth of what you do. Or Elizabeth does.
It's a strange thing. Caregiving is so elevated in our society until it comes to actual pay or any sort of help. Then...silence.
I respect you tremendously.

Vesuvius At Home said...

What Mary Moon said.

37paddington said...

Thanks for the roses! Hugs.