Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where I'm At

My sister-in-law asked me the other day where I was exactly. She was worried that I was on my own in a high crime area. I love how my family is concerned about me. I've been to my brother's house several times since my marriage ended and always feel the embrace of family there. I used to joke that I could be missing for days before my husband would wonder where I'd gone. My body would be stone cold, I'd say, before he reported me missing. I've traveled more than 60,000 miles this past year and my sister-in-law always seems to know where I'm headed. For now, I'm here under the blue skies of Virginia in my remodeled chicken coop next to this historic barn that contains studios for other writers, composers and visual artists.  In a few weeks, I'll go visit my mom and then head back to L.A.  But I won't be there for long.

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