Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Not A Chicken?

I won at Scrabble--went out with a 95 point play that included the 7-letter word "viaduct."
And speaking of ducks, the last two walks in the woods have yielded a nice view of Mallards and a large flock of Canadian Geese.


Kath said...

Well, way to win at scrabble with a classy word like viaduct. It must be latin, which I hear is suddenly booming in the midwest. that's the gossip, there is loads of speculation as to why. you can add your commentary, since you are a scrabble champ.
thanks for writing in this blog, it is so sweet to check in on you every day. love, Kath

Ex-in-the-City said...

I can add some Scrabble wisdom: look for 3-syllable words!
I love that you have a photo to go with your identity!

Elizabeth said...

congrats on scrabble -- I myself am somewhat addicted to old-fashioned Solitaire online. Although it's more like gambling than skill, I'm proud to report that I've "won" twice. Now that has never happened when I held the cards in my hands.