Friday, October 3, 2008

The Oracle at Delta

I'm on my way to Atlanta where I will change planes for Lynchburg, VA where I'll spend the night alone in a motel and then, in the morning, take a taxi to the writer's residency I have for the month of October.
I tried to get out of L. A. earlier at the last minute so I could intersect in Atlanta with a friend I met in Greece.  No luck.  So I'm thinking of fate and connections and missed connections.  I put a lot of stock in these things when I was younger and a hopeless romantic.  Now as a hopeful romantic, I'm less sure about signs and serendipity. There are signs, there is incredible good luck and fortuitousness-- things that are completely humbling when placed next to the machinations of man or woman.  BUT love and marriage and committed relationships and friendships are a project. They are work.  They are like a rehab on Victorian house (lots of dust and splinters) or the tuning of a piano (lots of listening with your eyes closed.)
So here I am at LAX--waiting.

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Jules said...

I love the expression "hopeful romantic" It sounds grounded. I do believe in romance and I believe in marriage/partnership. The last two were a lot of work. But at some point I realized that I was doing all the work. Now I'm working to recognize when I'm working too hard and not letting the other people in the relationship do more of the work. And I hope I've gotten to the point of being okay that it is a work in progress not a work in perfection. My kids are teaching me this...both in their charming ways. And I am so grateful to them. They are quite amazing in their willingness to participate in some pretty intense transformations/changes. Blind courage is something they have in spades.