Friday, May 22, 2009

The Check is in the Mail

Dear Officer Jorgensen,

I apologize for this picture.  It's not you. Not even close. But it's the only photo of a Wyoming highway patrolman that I could find.  It was a weirdly entertaining experience to be stopped for speeding just outside of Rock Springs.  You were very professional and it was nice of you to give us a discount for wearing our seat belts. We always wear our seat belts, and found it interesting that Wyoming puts a lot of effort into getting the word out about seat belts. What's up with Wyoming folks that they don't buckle up?
I'm imagining a cowboy getting into a dusty pick-up truck  and grumbling, "I don't buckle up when I ride my horse, do I?!"

Anyhow, we've made it all the way to Iowa safe and sound.  And I'm really glad my new name didn't confuse you when you checked my license & registration.  I was worried that you might think I stole Mr. Ex's car.  That would have been a big adventure...and that was why I couldn't stop laughing.

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Elizabeth said...

I can't really see him under THE HAT, but he doesn't look cute enough to really do anything with --