Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm traveling again.  Driving from California to the Midwest, and it feels good.  I made this drive with Mr. Ex many times in the years before we had our daughters and those memories feel almost sweet. It's a strange feeling. But that young guy in the flannel shirt & jeans & work boots I'm remembering isn't the guy I was married to for the last ten or twelve years and I wonder if I've changed into a completely different person, too.
Rock Springs, Wyoming has changed a lot. From a historic western town to an i-could-be-anywhere big-box, chain-store, strip-mall characterless place. Now they're trying to bring the historic downtown back and my daughter, M. & I are doing our part to help. Last night we had dinner at a brew pub that's staked a claim in an old building and is serving up delectable local beer. A perfect mix of the old and the new. 
Our trunk is full of that liquid gold now.
I don't know that I'm ready to call those old memories  of me & Mr. Ex golden, but there's something about there that's worth thinking about.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're back and hope your trip is inspirational!