Friday, June 3, 2011

Doesn't this look like a big fat indian wedding to you?

Mr. Ex owes me money. A lot of money.

For a brief review of the chronology of our divorce and the duration of the my struggle to get my share of our joint assets see my sidebar.

I put Mr. Ex through law school. I lavished loving care on the three houses we owned and lived in over the duration of our marriage. Rose gardens, fruit trees, well-kept interiors. I tended hearth and home with complete devotion.

Mr. Ex claims I owe him a stunning 6 figure sum for the 14 months immediately following our split. I wrote checks from our joint account, used our charge cards. The wheels of the divorce machine were turning slowly, and I had no alimony yet.

Now, before the final payout, he's spin-doctoring the books. I spent less money that what my alimony would have amounted to if the system would have pulled itself out of the muck in a timely manner.

The foresic accountant's spread sheet has allocated a variety of items to me that are not mine. Like a 14,000 charge to a place called Distracted by Decor.

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