Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving from His Big Fat Indian Wedding to Leaving Divorceville

Boxes. Dust. The pile for Goodwill. The small mountain of trash. Moving is a lot of work. Sometimes things get broken. Or misplaced. And maybe the move doesn't quite work out the way you expected. Let's say you get there, and the lights don't work when the electric  company assured you the power would be turned on. Or the toilets don't flush. Yeah. Like that.

So.... I like it here on the road to Margaritaville, but my flip-flops are nowhere to be found. And the signature that I expected to turn up on a certain document yesterday (after I fulfilled the restraining order by changing the URL and title of my blog) never materialized. My metaphorical feet are killing me.

But I wanted something to celebrate last night, so I just raised a glass to my beating heart. And yeah, I know, it's a martini glass. So things aren't quite perfect, but god, life is fine and good anyway.

And, oh--that is a margarita in the martini glass.

And sorry, but the Links Within don't work anymore. Busted in the move. And my blog list got lost. I'll find you all back again. Don't worry. Really, I like it here.

There is beauty all around me.


Elizabeth said...

Beauty all around you, beauty within you --

the word verification is: BERSERVE
I'm thinking it means you need to persevere, in whatever berserk fashion you need --

Anonymous said...

Whew! I lost you for a minute because your links were gone. Good thing we're Facebook friends.

I can't say what I'm thinking right now about your ex and restraining orders, or seeing ' His Big Fat Indian Wedding ' go missing from blogland. Ugh!

Genessa Torsy said...

Yay! I'm so glad I found you again! Your blogs inspire me! I must say I'm perplexed that you have to change your url and blog; where is the freedom of speech...or is that only for lawyers, their mistresses, and politicians???

Don't worry. You have lots of support here! By the way, I'm starting a new blog at Any advice welcome!

Anonymous said...

I found you!! Initially, I discovered your blog you while researching for my supposed big fat indian wedding which never happened. So so glad I found you again-just typed big fat divorce instead of big fat wedding.

And I finally figured out who your evil (or so I feel) ex is. A lot to be said about that woman too, and nothing good.

Arya samaj said...
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