Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You, Everyone.......

I am grateful for my friends--those in the my real word and those from cyberspace.

I've been discouraged. Dragged down by the undertow of 60-some pages of fictitious forensic accounting.

Thank you for the dinner and conversation. For the phone calls. For the lunch. For sweeping me off to a margarita as big as my head. For your blog comments. For your understanding and patience and love. For holding me--literally or figuratively, all through the night.

It's you I owe--not Mr. Ex.


Anonymous said...

My husband lied as well. It's on his soul I decided. It hurts though, this dismissal, this devaluation of what I did and do. Fucker.

Allegra Smith said...

To you as well as to Lilith: consider the source.
Do not give them a power they don't have. You are of value and what you have, did and do, have value.
Not a value they could understand because in order to do that truth and self respect are needed. I know in my bones neither one of them has any, so how could they know your true value?