Monday, June 6, 2011

A white blank page and a swelling rage

I've been captivated by Mumford and Sons ever since the Grammys. I've listened to the album "Sigh No More"over and over as if I were a teenager locked in my room with a "Do Not Disturb Sign" on the door. The mark of a good popular song, I think, is that it seems to be written just for you. For me right now the song, "White Blank Page" is about Mr. Ex, the Little Missus, and me.

I sat on my patio yesterday with 60-some pages of forensic accounting that attempted to prove why I should pay a shit load of money to the man who dumped me. His wedding decor, his life insurance premiums that will go to the Little Missus when he croaks, his doctor bills, parking tickets, remodeling on his house--I owe him for all that and more, the report claims. I get nothing for putting him through law school and supporting his career by keeping the home fires burning. I get nothing for raising our daughters and irreparably compromising my own earning power.

I used to be a writer. I'm not anymore, and I haven't been for a long time. I'm a crazed divorcée pretending to be a writer. Whenever I think I might be able to settle in, there's an email from my attorney--or worse yet, a bill from my attorney. I have to update my Declaration of Income and Expenses or my Schedule of Assets and Debts, or comb through another set of bank statements, and then pay them big bucks to read them. The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach returns, and I decide to open the fucking Pandora's box of papers pertaining to my divorce. I feel some sick impulse to confirm that yes, he called her every morning and every night for months before I got the news that our empty nest was going to be even emptier than I thought. The next thing I know every last duplicitous moment of his plays through my head like a series of deranged fairy tales. It was comforting every now and then to think that I'd at least get a hunk of cash. "Half of everything I have is yours," he said. I believed that too.

Yesterday, a few pages into the forensic report the gears in my heart were grinding so bad, I called him. He was in his car, and I'll bet his bifocals didn't adjust and he didn't see that it was me. He answered and we talked and he actually agreed to see the mediator I'd tried to arrange last week to no avail.

We'll meet on Saturday, and the mediator has asked each of us to bring a personal statement reflecting at least one thing we really appreciate about the other person or our shared past.

A white blank page and a swelling rage.

I wish I were a writer.


Anonymous said...

We were married for twenty two years. I worked very little because of his job and our handicapped daughter. I got a draft from the lawyer yesterday and worked out the money bit. Apparently I'm worth 20 cents an hour. I realize I need to let this go because my soon to be ex doesn't know my true worth and never will. Time to take the little he's offering and move on. I know I'm worth more, I know my true worth. I have a good heart. I love deeply and I'm compassionate. It's too bad he can't value these things or the love and care I gave his children all those years. He can keep his money. It won't keep him warm at night or care for him when he's sick.

I hope it gets better. This divorce business grinds your soul down. I'm not a fan of it:)

Take care.

Jules said...

So, Saturday?
sending you grace

stephanie said...

You reminded me just now to listen to Mumford and Sons, which I'd been meaning to do. Now I am. LOVE.

You also reminded me how much I admire you as a writer.

Allegra Smith said...

How about bringing a page with his quote about "half of everything I own is yours"?

Do you think he really will show up? I suspect his shoe buying budget may not allow for extras such a paying what he owes to you. I am hoping for the contrary, goodness knows I am praying I am wrong. (Oh, please, let me be wrong whoever is in charge).