Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Identity

Some masks are more transparent than others.
One might opine that the person behind the mask, no matter how good the disguise, remains....well...the person behind the mask.
I'm not so sure.
What if the mask has its own effect on the person who wears it?

I'm going to be changing the title of my blog, its URL, its entire look, probably. I'm going to be writing about my divorce less and less, and some of the regular characters I've written about will never be mentioned again. In doing that, I feel that I'll be transformed too.

The new URL might be But divorcevilleright downtheroadfrommargaritaville makes me laugh. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, allow me to toss these titles into cyberspace--if for no other reason than to get them out of my head:

Other title ideas are here and here.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm loving exinthecity -- and that photo of you is gorgeous -- you look EXACTLY the same!