Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaving Divorceville

Dear friends and loyal readers,

The band is playing the final song at His Big Fat Indian Wedding. The cleaning crew is hovering in the doorway waiting to swish the fancy tablecloths into the laundry bag. Children are running amok eating all the leftover mints. Hems of pretty dresses are dirty, and neckties are stuffed into suit coat pockets. Everyone is tired.

But those of us who live in The City of Angels know about makeovers. A nip here. A tuck there. A stage name. A new life in the sunshine where palm trees wave graceful arms, and some neon-colored flower is guaranteed to burst in bloom at any moment. 

I hope you'll come visit this new place. Unless there's a last minute glitch, you should be able to find me very soon at www.leavingdivorceville.blogspot.com. If that fails, come visit me at:  http://myfrenchunderpants.blogspot.com/ or  Birthmother and look for a link. If you find that I've disappeared entirely...well, maybe the U.S. Marshal has hauled me away.

Thank you for the love, support, wise words, and good humor.  May it all come back to you ten-fold.


Elizabeth said...

FANTASTIC! I adore the name and the color scheme. Truly awesome, and I can't wait to have my first margarita.

giftsofthejourney said...

Love the new look and I can't wait to see what words will follow. I may have to have a margarita this weekend in support.

Jules said...

I'm not waiting for the weekend, I am whipping margaritas up right now.

Allegra Smith said...

There I went clicking out of habit the old name and for a second I thought "whattttt?" and then a bit of sleuthing got me here and what a nice, happy and promising surprise. A new blog, a new perspective and many new wonderful things in your horizon. A toast to new beginnings and delicious margaritas. And yo your happiness and well being in this new chapter.