Sunday, October 14, 2012

What I Made This Weekend

A chocolate cake whose secret ingredients are beer and sauerkraut. (My mom found the recipe in a newspaper in the cardiologist's office.)

Saturday night dinner. Guests were the man who loves me and my friend Nancy, who brought peppers from her garden. And a bottle of champagne.

The peppers were stuffed with couscous and cheese and then covered with marinara sauce doctored with cinnamon, cumin, and dark chocolate. If I were breathing my last, I might request a cup of this sauce before departing.

Tonight's dinner: Kabocha squash soup garnished with roasted red peppers, which unfortunately turned out to be hot peppers. I had to fish them out of my mom's bowl, but enjoyed a rather pleasant glow from them myself.

I also made time to nap, walk, and read a bit. And the effort I made to get out and do something fun with my mom worked out swell. Friday afternoon after picking up her new glasses we went to a thrift store where she snagged two nice tops and two pairs of warm pants for $5.39. Saturday we went to the Seaside Games to hear my friend Nancy play with the Scottish Fiddlers. Completely enjoyable.

This morning when the man who loves me and I awoke, I could hear my friend, Nancy, and my mom chatting on the patio. A sort of music that was, too.


Jules said...

I will purchase a case of the mole style marinara once you are in full production. A check is in the mail.

Ms. Moon said...

You are living your life in a beautiful way. I am in awe of you.