Monday, September 9, 2013

Countdown to Baltimore

In a few days my mom and I will be traveling to Maryland for her 89th birthday. The pill boxes are filled. The oxygen concentrator is scheduled to be delivered to my brother's house. We will take with us 4 empty suitcases so she can bring back the things that could not be packed into the car when M and I drove her out here last summer. On that trip her oxygen machine rode in the back seat with her.

Alas, M will not travel with us this time. She will stay home and take care of the house and the ancient cat.

I wonder if someday my children and I will live near one another so that a birthday celebration can be attended by all, requiring only a short jaunt by car.

Meanwhile I must return to my calculations so that I may determine how many of those little bottle of gin to bring on the plane. Let's see...divide the number of miles by the total of the ages of the people who will be drinking the gin....

photo credit for the wonderful picture of my mom: The man who loves me and his iPad--taken just last night.


Joan said...

It is a wonderful picture. She looks radiantly happy.

lily cedar said...

Your mom looks much younger than 89. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

I was listening to a book review yesterday on the radio about a book, "Untying the Apron Strings", essays about mothers. There were things now that I wished I had asked my mother and now I will never know, which made me cry again.

It's a lot of work to take care of our mothers and I wish I had done it better. You are blessed to still have her, even with the giant O2 compressor:)

Ms. Moon said...

Dang, your mama's pretty!

Allison said...

Your Mom is very pretty. You look like her, so you're pretty, too. Have a good trip.