Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to cook a turtle and other useful advice

I love the rehashing of old stories that happens during family visits. And I love to hear what my aunts and uncles ate when they were growing up. I ate pretty much everything on this list when I was a little kid, too--except for the pigeon, woodchuck, and the frog legs.
Frog legs
                    my grandparents

They could have eaten rattlesnake also since it was plentiful, but my grandma refused to cook it even though my Uncle Lawrence (who may have learned to eat it during his hobo days) tried to convince her it was delicious.

Here's how to cook a turtle:
Take turtle out of shell
Parboil & refrigerate  overnight.
Dip in eggs and cracker crumbs and fry in butter.
Unfortunately no one sitting around in the kitchen tonight for the post dinner beer drinking and discussion could actually provide the details on HOW to take the turtle out of the shell.

Not that I'm planning to cook a turtle....I'm just very curious about family recipes and such.

On a different subject entirely, here's a thrifty way to change your linens from the days before fitted sheets:
Remove bottom sheet for washing.
Put top sheet on the bottom.
Put fresh sheet on top.
There! You only have to wash one sheet!


Birdie said...

The rattlesnake reminds me of a Little House on the Prairie episode when Mr. Edwards shot a rattlesnake. Nobody would eat it so they tried giving it to the dog. He didn't want it either.

mariya sharapova said...

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Elizabeth said...

I almost stopped at the removing the turtle from the shell, but I'm glad to have soldiered on and learned this sheet changing tip.