Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Life as Expressed by Signs

My brain reads this sign as "stark reality." While there are some parts of life that do feel rather stark currently--today, well, not so much.

The man who loves me is here, and we visited the local farmers market where we saw a turquoise ling cod.

The fish was for sale, but was whole so we purchased a regularly pigmented ling cod that was already filleted. The fisherman swore that the meat of the turquoise fish is actually turquoise.

We had a cup of coffee in a neighborhood where there appears to be a guerilla crochet artist on the loose.

We prowled the Ventura swap meet where, for a brief moment, I wondered if Margaritaville might need a kitchen appliance called the Margarator.

But tomorrow I will call my attorney, think of a certain Someone, and as I ponder the recent goings on, I'm likely to share a certain sentiment expressed by a Chinese restaurant that the man who loves me visited recently. Now there's a stark reality for you.


Elizabeth said...

This was a most perfectly crafted post and packed a giant wallop punch at the end. Good luck with that tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Yes, good luck. That restaurant sign says so much so simply. May the lais be exposed.