Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top Ten Reasons I Love Living With My Mother

1. Well, she's my mom.
2. I get weird living alone.
3. I actually cook things--whole meals--and I eat them.
4. I sit at the dining room table while eating the meals I cooked.
5. There's someone to talk to while I sit at the dining room table eating the meals I cooked.
6. It's fun to have another bird nerd in the house. (We will both get up from the table if a blue heron comes in for a landing.)
7. I never have to do the dishes.
8. Due to my new motto, "There ought to be one sober person in the house," I'm hardly drinking at all.
9. She has cookies hidden in her bedroom.
10. Since I can't really go anywhere, my writing life has revved up.

I've been writing a novel for a while. The first 150-some pages were my MFA thesis. I was, at that time, in the absolute worst physical-mental-intellectual-psychological condition of my life due to my fucking hell-hole of a divorce. A few months back, I finally opened the  novel file on my computer and completed a first draft. Today chapters 4 and 5 traded places. Then chapters 3 and 4 traded places. New scenes were added to all of the above. Chapter 7 ate chapter 6. I think I  have 55 much-improved pages.

Thanks, Mom
Here's a fuzzy photo of me and my diploma.


Birdie said...

It makes me happy to know that you are enjoying your mom. I miss mine!

Ms. Moon said...

LHaving just woken from a crazy dream about my mother, I think that you are incredibly lucky that your mom is someone you enjoy living with. I mean, I know it's not all roses and someone-else-washes-the-dishes. I know that sometimes it's really hard but the bottom line is- you don't hate it.
Which means you really love her and she loves you.
So. You are lucky.
Now- as to your novel- YAY!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

You're so beautiful, Denise -- in every way imaginable.

lily cedar said...

I especially liked number eight.

You are blessed. I couldn't have lived with my mother but I am thankful I got to spend so much time with her in last year.

I've changed my name and blog but remain the same.

Lil' Bit said...

Denise! you've inspired me. As you might know, I've just started working for Mueller Orthopedic and Medical Massage and it made me think of all the reasons I like working for my mom. and the first one definitely is...well,she's my mom. She's just awesome. We're just a couple a jokesters when we're together!