Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to travel with your 89-Year-Old Mother

Make a list.

Cool your heels at the airport for hours while the control tower at your destination airport gets struck by lightning.

Drink moonshine out of the jar until seeing double. Then eat cake.


Andrea said...

Oh what a great "list" in pictures, and the very best of all photographs at the end. How lovely they are - beautiful women and smart dressers to boot. What a good daughter! You can rest assured there's a special little bungalow waiting for you in the sky, moonshine and margaritas included, plus a kayak to paddle through the stars.

Birdie said...

This is a great list! The CHEESE made me laugh. But it is not crossed out. Did she forget it? I hope not. Cheese is important.

Great picture! It needs to be framed.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! Did you mean to change the format of your blog? I noticed that under Labels you have a list. Just wondering --

N2 said...

Happy Birthday to the twin sisters and Happy Trails to you and your Mom. x0 N2

Allison said...

Cute shoes!