Saturday, November 15, 2008


I eschew cliches--as all writers are taught to, but sometimes an experience really brings home the appropriateness of a couple of overused words.  I had to go back to the eye doctor today and figured that since my eye was feeling better it would be a piece of cake. My eye felt right as rain at 6:30 when I walked the dogs.  Just a little blurring.  No pain.  I could open it.  It was a whole new day until I drove east in the morning sunlight. Driving home later with the sun on the south side of the car shooting daggers into my left eye--also on the south side of the car--was a living hell and I cried buckets.
Now that I'm back inside, I can open it again.  But the contact lens must be left in.  The scratch is a bit better, but not healed yet and I have to go back again on Monday and drive into the blinding sun.

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