Sunday, November 23, 2008


I ran into my old friend Barry and his fiance yesterday at a coffee shop.  Barry's had quite a few girlfriends since I met him ten years ago. Things just never worked out. One Thanksgiving he fled from a disastrous gathering before dinner was finished and rang my doorbell. "Can I come to your Thanksgiving dinner?" he asked. "I brought my own turkey." He extracted a ziplock bag of meat from his pocket and chuckled but there was a truly woeful look in his eyes.
Yesterday at the coffee shop, after the three of us sat down together, Lydia pulled a bundle of vitamins out of her pocket and set one of the piles of pills next to Barry. "You brought me my vitamins," he said, and the two of them looked into one another's eyes.  
That's what I want--someone who loves me enough to bring me my vitamins.
I don't think Barry will  ring my doorbell with a ziplock of turkey in his pocket ever again.

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