Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is How it Looked

Thanksgiving was always a big party at our house.  For twenty years we gathered with friends--and sometimes friends of friends and complete strangers--at this table.  I cooked the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the pumpkin pies and friends brought all measure of good things to the feast.  I miss them, but now, for the second year, I will be at my son's house.  My family is spread out all over the country.  I am thankful that I have each of them in my lives even though they aren't near enough to pass me the cranberries.  I am thankful for about a billion things.


Elizabeth said...

I know there must be a bittersweet thing about holidays and the passing of time. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Jules said...

I had a Spiderman festival
and ate Moo Shu Pork.
An unusual Thanksgiving,
new for me, and worth repeating...
wish you were here.