Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down with Agoraphobia

I hate to go out.  I'm okay in the mornings, but when it gets hot and smoggy, I like to be finished with errands and business and be back home. And once I'm "in," I hate the thought of going out. My books are here.  My laptop.  The dogs. The cats. I have really good o.j. and an espresso maker. I have yummy sesame seed cookies I brought back from Greece.  I can have cookies and a latte sit with the dogs and my laptop on my caramel colored leather sofa and not get up for hours.  Why would I want to go out?  I have writing to do and as long as I have eggs, goat cheese, apples and salad, I won't starve.
But I've been forcing myself to go to the movies.  I like movies.  I just don't like to go out to them. I'm doing it though because it's good for me.  A little nighttime drive with the windows open and cool air blowing in.  A person to talk to--"One, please."  Popcorn.  Other humans breathing in the dark.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm a movie whore. Call me anytime you want some company.