Monday, July 18, 2011

"That Frozen Concoction that Helps Me Hang On"

It's Monday, and despite the fact that I'm not really having a Margarita Monday, I have another beautiful photo of one of my friend Julie's concoctions.

Sour Cherry. From her backyard tree.

I don't think my friend Julie drinks much at all these days. I might have one or two drinks with dinner or while I cook. So the Monday Margarita is a state of mind. Palm trees. Waves. The bright green flash of wild parrots. Maybe a strolling band of mariachis, conversation with a friend. My checkbook lying idle on my desk, and no more attorney bills to pay.

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Elizabeth said...

I can taste it. And some sour cherry pie -- one of my favorites, and sour cherries are darn near impossible to find in these parts.