Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Read My Lips

When I am deaf as a post, I will wear a hearing aid.

It started with my uncle Leo, as I recall. He got hearing aids, but didn't like them. After his death, his wife gave them to my Aunt Millie. She didn't like them either. Now when anyone mentions hearing aids to my mother, she says that Leo and Millie hated the ones that they had and if she got some, she probably wouldn't like them either. And they're expensive. And Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids. Which makes me want to cup my ear and shout, "What??!" Insurance for old people doesn't cover one of the things they need most? Turns out it doesn't cover glasses or teeth either. "Whaaaat?"

So I'm going to start saving my money. Now. When I find myself smiling and nodding in a crowded restaurant, or talking in non sequiturs, I'll be ready to shell out a couple thousand bucks so I can rejoin the party.
And that's what I want for my mom.

Rejoin the party, Mom. No.... My joints aren't smarting. They're fine. I don't really have arthritis yet. Tight ass?! Well....that's not what I said, but now that you mention it...Yeah he was, wasn't he?

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

You're funny -- and silly.

And I owe you (remember?), so I'll be making a contribution to the hearing aid fund whenever you decide to go for it.