Sunday, July 17, 2011

Published in Work Magazine

I have a new piece out in Work Magazine. Blogging on my iPad, I cannot get links to load, but you may try copying and pasting this into your browser:

And speaking of work, by mom used to build the construction equipment you see in the photo back when she went to work for John Deere after my father died.
One day years ago when I was walking down the street with her in Baltimore (she was probably the age I am now,)there was some street construction going on. "Hey, hey!" she called to the guy in the hard hat who was operating it. "Hey!" When she finally got his attention, he looked at us as if he couldn't imagine what we wanted with him. "How do you like that piece of equipment?" she asked. The guy was still pretty puzzled, but intrigued.
"I like it just fine," he said.
"I built that thing," my mom went on, "and let me tell you, those tires are heavy."
The guy smiled at my mom, and tipped his hard hat.


Elizabeth said...

Really? So interesting -- I'd love to hear more.

Jules said...

re Bull[s eye!
Well done!