Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Multiple Choice Question on the Wonders of Margaritaville

Where have I been that I haven't been blogging?

a. in jail
b. on ice
c. joined the convent
d. ran off on with a fishing boat
e. none of the above

The correct answer is e.

Would you believe me if I told you that all of the following describe my weekend?

a. bought a fish from a little girl who's going to use the money to by a bow and arrow
b. had a visit from two friends, and then two more arrived unexpectedly
c. the friends and I had an awful brunch at a place that ran out of coffee
d. the friends and I got so hot walking on the beach that we had to go to a bar for a beer
e. that in that bar a guy named Whiskey Bob bought me a jar of jalapeno jam


Jules said...

Awesome! (it is currently 5 below)
How does a breakfast place run out of coffee?
Was it at the worst hotel restaurant in the world with the most amazing view so they dont have to care about customer service?

Suz said...

..oh you have it so good!

Elizabeth said...

These sound like excellent reasons to be behind on blogging, though.

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Lorenzo said...

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