Sunday, January 6, 2013

Days of Wonder and Amazement

The weather has been shifting here. When the man who loves me and I walked on the beach yesterday afternoon there was a rainbow ring around the sun. Kind of like this.

It poured as we slept last night. Then sunny this morning when we woke. A cold wind kicked up while I was at the farmer's market and I rushed away with my fresh fish as well as some Taiwanese spinach ("Much more flavor!" says the farmer) and this wonderful and amazing stuff.

It's peanut butter. I cooked the halibut with the barbeque peanut butter tonight. My mom wasn't crazy about it....but I LOVED it! I'm imagining some kind of banana dessert. And stir-frying the spinach with the curry peanut butter.

And speaking of wonderfulness, Downtown Abbey season 3 kicks off tonight. Did you catch the interview with some of the cast members on Morning Edition?

Days of wonder and amazement here in Margaritaville.

photo credit for the photo of the sun:


Elizabeth said...

This post makes me happy, especially since I just watched Downton Abbey and it was wonderful! You inspire me to go out and get some fish for tomorrow's dinner.

Daniel bird said...

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Ms. Moon said...

I watched part of last night's Downton Abbey FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE and I'm not sure I get it yet. I understand that I am way late to this party.
Fish I get, though. Oh yes I do.