Monday, January 21, 2013

And what a fabulous day it was!

The TV is seldom on at my house, but I skipped yoga this morning and tuned in to the inauguration at 8:30 a.m. My mom and I sat on the couch with our coffee. The throngs of people, the Capitol, the Washington Monument. I thought of three years ago and of the month I lived in the guest quarters at Washington Hospital Center while she lingered at death's door. How I knew then that those historic landmarks were out there just a mile or two away, but I never even tried to visit them.

This afternoon we went to the gastroenterologist, and then across the street to the hospital for a blood test. When we got home, I tuned in again to the inauguration. The magnitude of our amazement struck us both at the same time. We talked about change and how much progress has been made in her lifetime. "Next we need a woman president!" she said. "The next ticket ought to be a woman and a Native American!"

Tonight after dinner I turned on the TV a third time. Michelle in her red gown. The dance. The kiss. Stevie Wonder."Wouldn't you like to be there--at the inaugural ball--just once?" my mom asked.
"Yes, I would," I said. What a privilege that would be if my mom gets her wish. For that I would travel from sea to shining sea.


Elizabeth said...

I love to think of all of us, thinking and dreaming, as we watched the spectacle. How out of reach it all seems, despite the brightness. Like stars. And then again, I think of the little boy Obama and his mother and his distant father. So who knows?

Ms. Moon said...

I didn't watch nearly as much of the inauguration as I had wanted to but I saw the speech and I loved it. I'm with Elizabeth- it's something to think of that little boy who grew up to be president. I see him in there, that little boy, and I wish his mama and his grandparents were still here to see him too.

Jules said...

Freezing my toes off as I wait for the dog to pee, I so wish I was sitting on the couch with you and your Mom...The view from your dock is my wallpaper.