Thursday, January 17, 2013

City of Baltimore: Round Three

The invoices for my mom's health insurance premiums finally arrived today. They were forwarded by my cousin, whose basement apartment my mom moved from three years ago. I cannot  say for certain that she changed her address from there to my brother's house when she moved in with him, but I would bet a sheet of postage stamps that she made a reasonable attempt.

At it turns out the City of Baltimore has a near deity-like omnipresence. The envelope that the invoices were packaged in bear one return address. The top of each monthly invoice bears a second address, while the bottom of the invoice that one is instructed to return with the payment has yet a third address. I wrote change of address letters and mailed one to each of the three different addresses.

My project of setting up these monthly payments for auto-pay must be abandoned. Auto pay does not seem to be an option as there are no instuctions for such on the invoice. And, Baltimore knows, it is not possible to speak to anyone by phone that can instruct me. Ah, well. Should I somehow manage to get a parking ticket in Baltimore, it looks like I can pay it online.

Of further note, my panic about missing the payment deadline of January first has been assuaged. The  postmark on the city's envelope is January 10th. I've heard of "Tulsa Time," but maybe someone should write a song about Baltimore.

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Allison said...

Ah, very good. You would think they would WANT autopay, it's cheaper to process than paper checks.