Friday, January 11, 2013

Hoooo-ooooo are you?


"Don't tell me you're surprised," he said.
"I'm not surprised," I said. "Just confused." He went on to tell me there was nothing to be confused about. His marriage was over, and he wanted us to get back together. 

We were somewhere with his relatives. We were hanging around together--but mostly surreptitiously. We were talking in his hotel room. It seemed a given. That we should just paste the pieces back together. I couldn't think of any other reasonable way to approach the situation. "Have you told your mother that we're getting back together?" I asked. 
"Not yet," he said.
"Then don't," I said. "Because there's a man I love, and I can't live without him. 

Holy shit. Right? The wind howled like a maniac all night long. Musta been an ill wind that blew that dream to me. It's howling again. Styling those palm fronds into a brand new crazy do. It was so windy yesterday that when I rolled down my car window to talk to my neighbor who happened to be in the next lane, that I got dirt in my mouth. My  chewing gum was so gritty, I had to throw it away. Right now, however, the wind is blowing from the east--opposite of what it was doing yesterday. Blow a sweet dream to me, Mr. Wind. Real sweet.


Ms. Moon said...

I think it was a night of dreams. I dreamed of a house with a beautiful wooden spiral staircase and a skylight and a mulberry tree in a pot with berries ladening the branches.
It wasn't my house. But it was beautiful.
Also? These ex-dreams? They will eventually end. I promise.

Elizabeth said...


Suz said...

oh my dear goodness
you said it
the man you love
not the man who loves me
Ah the power of dreams
...this is weight