Thursday, November 7, 2013

Everything's Coming up Rosy

The dream occurred just before I woke, or so it seemed. "She's having a seizure!" someone shouted as they stood over me. "Call 911." The light wherever it was that I lay on the ground seemed oddly bright and yellow. It's not a seizure, I said--or wanted to say. I could not speak. But later I was able to explain to someone that I'd been having a pain one of my feet (true in real life) and that I'd been trying to exercise my feet (also true in real life) by stretching and flexing them when a series of insane charley horses took over my body and rendered me speechless with the pain.

I may have had this dream because of what's been going on over HERE. If you're the one or two readers of this blog who aren't already reading Elizabeth's blog, I suggest you click away from the workings of my brain and visit hers.

If, however, you are still here, let me say that I've finally worked out my ACA insurance insanity. Yes, my rates have increased 96.6 per cent. Yes, my policy got cancelled and I got "offered" a new one for a huge new price. And when I went to the Covered California website (which works swell, by the way) I found that I could get the same Kaiser policy for 9 dollars more than if I bought it from Kaiser directly--and that there was no cheaper policy available for me. And no, I don't really understand why individual rates are so much higher than group rates. But this morning after the seizure dream, I made peace with all of this. The litany of people I know and love without decent insurance or any insurance at all seemed present this morning as a gorgeous sunrise turned the water in the marina pink. Yes, I have a house in Southern California on  a marina. I have enough room for my mother and my daughter to live here. I have enough money to pay the tuition for both of my daughters. This money is not going to  last, but for right now I'm going to pay my big fat insurance premium and shut the hell up. Everyone in this affluent country should have decent health care without the threat of being dropped or considered uninsurable because they are sick. You can read more about that over on Elizabeth's blog too.


Elizabeth said...

Well, I don't know what to say. I guess that you're taking one -- a seizure, even if only in a dream -- for the team?

That photo is stunning.

Ms. Moon said...

My husband said the same thing tonight when he opened our insurance payment bill. "At least we have it."
Don't be getting sick now. I mean it.