Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the wind whipping the waves into weird shapes

The Santa Ana winds had already kicked up by the time I woke this morning. The water in the marina was blowing backwards, and I felt twitchy and weird. A couple of hours later, I had literally developed a twitch in my left eye. The twitch abated from time to time, but always returned. What am I not seeing, I asked myself. What don't I want to see?

Tonight after dinner, walking in the dark, the twitching lessened and almost stopped. Relief. And then two streetlights blinked out just as I passed them. Stopping, I turned around and watched as they flickered for a few seconds, then sputtered into black.

Is the left eye different from the right? I googled. Then I searched for eye twitching superstitions. Suffice it to say that there are many. All I've determined for sure is that my right eye is my dominant one.

courtyard at the Ventura County Museum on Sunday afternoon

The winds have mostly died down, but the twitching is back. A half-hearted gust rattles the dried palm fronds from time to time. They clatter like bones as if perhaps a few dead souls have forgotten to return to their world and are still walking about in ours.

a detail of one of the altars at the Dia De Los Muertos exhibit at the Ventura County Museum--the "sugar" skulls are actually eggs

At dinner on Sunday night, the man who loves me, M, and I told my mother about the Day of the Dead. The skeletons are happy, I told her. There are parties and food and drinks in the cemeteries. She said that sounded marvelous. But tonight I feel as if there are ghosts lurking just beyond the edges of my peripheral vision, and when I try to spot them they disappear.


Elizabeth said...

This is haunting. I don't know what's next, but I do love that you googled the significance of twitching eyes. I've had a headache off and on for days, now. I keep thinking it's stress (in between thinking it's something more dire)and then I wonder if it's the atmosphere.

Ms. Moon said...

My eye twitches always come with stress and can last for weeks.
I think you California ladies have to contend with some seriously mind-altering winds out there and you need to consider that. Who knows what spirits they are blowing in?

Steph(anie) said...

I'm wired all backwards because the Santa Anas make me feel Alive and Set Right.

Your descriptions of it all are perfect.