Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Pass the Torch for Thanksgiving Dinner

It was noon by the time I finally got my mom (she doesn't do mornings) out the door. With another skin infection blossoming (the last one put her in the hospital for 4 days), a Thanksgiving Day trip to the ER was inevitable. "Um...can you put the turkey in the oven at 1:00?" I asked my son-in-law.

My mom and I returned almost 4 hours later just minutes before guests were set to arrive. The house smelled wonderful. Floors had been vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, silver was polished and laid at each table setting just so, candles had been lit, a selection of cheeses laid out, drinks were chilling and the champagne bucket was at the ready.

Every photo I took was blurry--which kind of captures my feeling of relieved bliss.

My mom was well enough to join the party.

Gravy got made.

Turkey got carved.

Fun was had.

 I was not the great and powerful Oz of Thanksgiving dinner. 
And it was fabulous.


suz said...

this says so much
and I hear ya
glad you had a great Thanksgiving

Ms. Moon said...

My children look back fondly on the year Glen and I abandoned them for Thanksgiving and ran away to the beach. May was an adult then and Lily and Jessie are still talking about the great meal she cooked them including a tofurkey!
And then, the year I remember most fondly- the one where I hurt my knee and could only supervise the preparation from my drug-induced haze on a chair. It was GREAT!!!!
We really do need to abdicate, don't we?
I hope your mama is going to get through this skin thing quickly.

Tara said...

It's always good to reminded that we don't have to do it ALL. What a wonderful gift to you and yours. Hope your mom is better soon.