Thursday, November 21, 2013

In which I circle round and round chasing my tail

Yesterday I bought a bathrobe for which I stood in line for 30 minutes at Macy's. Big sale. Today I took it back so they could remove the security tag. "I'm back," I said to no one in particular when the security system began whooping as I walked in the door.

I went to Vons twice today. Pre-Thanksgiving shopping. Then to pick up one of my mom's prescriptions. This evening she tells me she's out of gin.

Took my car to the car wash. Guess what? It rained.

Got the postcard excusing me from jury duty because I take care of my mom....and she got her summons.

And still no answer from the Someone regarding the conditions of our mediation that have not been fulfilled.

With all of the family fun coming up, I decided to splurge on another kayak. REI is filled to the brim with parkas. Kayaks are out of season. There are car-top carriers where the kayaks used to be.

Ah, well, C and her husband are arriving this evening. I have champagne. I have pumpkins that will be turned into pies, and while they await their fate, they give the kitchen a nice orange glow. I have a pot of soup on. I have everything. I do.


Elizabeth said...

Lovely you.

Tara said...

you remind me that I have much to do to prepare for the dinner~ yikes. Not going to even try to shop this weekend. I'll wait until Monday.

It's good to know when we have everything we need. Some people never do. More's the pity.

Have a lovely holiday.