Thursday, May 22, 2014

Report from Pillville: The Other Side of the Story

While things are going well with my mom (the CT scans did NOT show any cancer or tumors as cause for her weight loss,) things are going less well for the man who loves me. Still in the hospital, he's not really feeling great. However, his appetite might be making a comeback. I will take good news where I find it.

I took an early morning walk on the beach before I went to visit him and photographed from a  different point of view. You've seen dozens of pictures of the water, the waves, the islands on this blog, so how about this for a change?

view of the sand and the sky taken standing in the ocean

Years ago when I was acting, a sage director once told me it was absolutely essential to step out of the character's skin before leaving the theatre, especially when playing someone sick or dying. I frequently wonder what it's like to have the ancient body my mom possesses. My knees are 61. What do almost 90-year-old knees feel like? I wonder what it's like to "pull for breath" as my boyfriend so often says he does. I wonder about so many of the things that he and my mother are going through. I put myself in their shoes, but only for a brief moment. Then I step out again.


Elizabeth said...

This is a wild post with some wild thinking going on.

As always, I'm rooting for all of you and sending love.

Suz said...

I'll bet the water felt good on your feet
So much introspection going on here Most times I read your posts and don't know what to say
but I always think of you during the day...while doing my own introspection
You have been through so much and I feel your weariness
Sometimes we don't want to be wonderful, or caring..sometimes we want to get in the car and drive I understand the walk on the beach....
tears that fall into the ocean are swiftly gone
take, eat well, and know that you are held in prayer

Ms. Moon said...

What would we do without the water and the sky? I hate to even think about it.

ain't for city gals said...

I think of this am I going to feel when I am 84 like my mom is now. Will I be as strong as my dad when it is my time...there are so many sides to every life. We must build compassion within ourselves to survive it all.