Thursday, May 15, 2014

Well, this day had a fabulous beginning for someone.

Maybe this person slept in the lifeguard tower and had taken off for a swim to the islands by the time I arrived for my walk. Then again maybe a shark bolted across the sand and devoured him/her. Everything always hangs in the balance, whether we admit it or not.

I walked. Decided it was too hot. Then decided it wasn't and took a second walk. Afterwards, I went to yoga. Set my intention as simply "love."

But first, during the initial walk, I ran into a couple who asked me to take their picture. It was a re-staging of a favorite picture of them from 15 years earlier, they explained. They stood facing the ocean leaning against one another in tree pose. Okay, I said. Now take my picture.

It was hard to balance on the sand. Easier to be two trees, than a single tree.


Elizabeth said...

There's a story in those slippers.

Ms. Moon said...

Maybe the person was raptured right out of her shoes.
Yes, it is probably easier to be two trees together than one, on doubt, but the true requirement as you know, is to be able to bend without breaking.

37paddington said...

you set the perfection intention.