Sunday, May 18, 2014

R.I. P. Piper the Cat/The End of an Era

Piper Emanuel, the last of a long line of Emanuel/Clemen pets, left this earthly paradise May 17 at noon. She was twenty years old, outliving her hardier and more athletic sister Snowflake by a surprising four years.

Both Piper and Snowflake joined the family in the summer of 1994, chosen from litter of kittens born to none other than the cat owned by Miss Drew Barrymore. Emanuel daughters C and M each chose and named a kitten, Piper originally belonging to Colette. After only a brief interval the daughters traded kittens (or the kittens traded girls) with cuddly Piper seeming more suited to cuddly M, while the garrulous Snowflake enjoyed animated conversations with C.

Reclusive in her early days, Piper became more outgoing after her sister's death. Her later years found her channeling her sister's spirit as she practiced promiscuous lap sitting, purring for practically anyone. Some months ago, she was reported to have even sat on the lap of a child.

Piper experienced many changes in her long life. She endured three moves, the break-up of her family due to divorce, and the departures of both C and M as they grew up and left home, as well the comings and goings of numerous houseguests.

Piper was preceded in death by a long line of family pets. In addition to her sister Snowflake, those that went on before her included the cats Big Mac and Little Guy and dogs Lulu, Freckles, Layla and Lola.

Piper did an outstanding job in her role as last family pet. Equally proficient in both receiving and giving love, Piper spent her last night on this earth purring in M's lap. Even her final departure was a generous act. Her heart beat its last just as the vet walked through the door.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh Denise! Even though she lived a long and good life, I know you grieve for her. And every death is every death.
Thinking of you and all who loved your Piper very tenderly.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful kitty. I'm sorry, Denise -- you have much on your plate, and I'm sorry that you have Piper to grieve as well. Sending love and hugs.

Taxmom said...

What a lovely kitty, and what a touching obituary. Wishing you well.