Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to be the middle child?" the girl asked as we walked to fro-yo.

Fro-yo and girl at twilight
"You have to learn AND you have to teach,"she said. I said I guessed that was an opportunity.
"It's an opportunity, AND it's a problem!" she said and then laughed uproariously.

Well, it's certainly an opportunity to be at Grandma's house by yourself where you can be an only child for a change and take over the kitchen island with a box full of toys that once belonged to your aunts.

This girl is an animal lover, and as you can see, she has been well-loved herself.

She's a good beach walker and treasure hunter too.

And I found the largest heart, so far, for my collection. Yes, I did.


lily cedar said...

I've been looking for a heart rock. So far no luck. I'm glad your granddaughter is there.

Ms. Moon said...

The treasure is this visit. She will remember. What an aware child! I love the old toys. Some of them we still have around here, as well.