Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reproductive Rights: Now and Then

Age 17, 1970: Seven months pregnant at the senior prom and keeping my secret.

I have a blog post over here today.


lily cedar said...

I remember being seventeen and terrified I was pregnant, but in 1979. Turns out I got lucky, although I did end up as a single mother five years later.

My mother was forced to have an abortion in England in 1943. My parents wanted to marry but the army wouldn't allow my father leave to get married and my grandmother didn't want her daughter talked about I guess. That experience stayed with my mother up until her death.

It's not easy being female.

Ms. Moon said...

That picture just breaks my heart in two.

Elizabeth said...

Yes. I'm with Ms. Moon. Your smile, the way you're carrying yourself, standing so straight and tall, the rest to follow that we know and you don't.

37paddington said...

That photograph, your brave smile, knowing what is coming and not knowing, breaks my heart.

Your book is beautiful and harrowing and eye-opening and you speak for so many. I hope everyone reads it, especially the men writing laws about women's bodies, who don't have a clue.

And that blog post is kick-ass!