Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Beach Report/Addendum to the Guy in the Party Hat Cod-Piece

Another Beach walk. Another bag of trash. To follow the thread of this post, you might want to read about the trash I found on Saturday. The comments on that post--on the blog, on Facebook, in person were far less cynical than my own take.


So I had the almost-sex dream last night (scroll down to this morning's post) and then at noon I took a 20-minute walk and filled a grocery bag with trash. This is what I found (among other things).

Paper plate and Trojan wrapper



Hahahahah, Dan. What are you trying to tell me? 

Now excuse me, I think I have to go walk the beach looking for a party hat. Or something.

Oh, and while I do that, might I suggest that you all take a look at this New Yorker story  by David Gilbert. It's about love. It's about co-incidence. It's about risk.


ain't for city gals said...

You are going to be so surprised one day are going to get a sign from Dan that there will be no doubt that it was from him. When I was 40 (20 years ago) my husband passed away suddenly. Of course, I was devastated but knew I had to go on. I remember I asked my sister why I didn't get a sign from had been about three weeks. She said "He is busy checking in"...I swear. I am not religious ...she is) I used to go to the high school track and run. So I was running the track...crying my eyes out. I rounded the corner and the heavens opened up...I heard the angels? singing and it was all just so beautiful. I mean it was LOVE...pure and simple and it was Hoyt telling me he was ok. From that day forward I was at peace. 20 years later I remember it like it was yesterday and each moment is still perfect in my heart. It never ever happened again. You will feel this one will be Dan's reward to you for being one of the good guys...xo

Ms. Moon said...

I've had some pretty humorous messages from the beyond. Or from somewhere. Or I am making shit up. But somethings you just have to say, "Well. Might be. If so, great thanks!"

37paddington said...

Dan has a sense of humor...

Karen P. said...

There is a back page of the Saturday L.A. Times Section which is about love. Have you thought of writing an article about you and Dan and submitting it. It's pretty good. Kirk Douglas wrote one about meeting and marrying his wife of 75 years recently. I'd enjoy the serendipity of one day lazily opening the paper and finding you two on the back page.