Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Morning Beach Report

View past the dunes to the water.
I pick up trash on Mondays. After the weekend goings-on, I can count on a couple of jammed-full grocery sacks.  A lot of it is the same week after week. Beverage containers. Lids. Straws. There are a lot of socks. You know those socks that disappear in the washer? I know where they went. If you're missing one flip-flop, it's on the beach. A tank top? On the beach. Your sunglasses? Beach.

There's always something different though. Something I've never picked up off the sand before. Today it was a tube of denture cream. Well, yeah, I would wouldn't want to lose my choppers in a big wave, would you?

And today there was this.

Judging from the number of flowers I find strewn on the sand, I think there are probably a lot of memorial services with remains scattered here. I have a few questions though about the scenario above. Is the memorial just there temporarily with someone keeping a close eye on the tides? Because if not, that plaque and the plastic angel will eventually become part of the great Pacific garbage patch. Probably not what the bereaved intended. Well it's undisturbed for now. I wish the departed and those he or she left behind peace.

And in the world of birds there was this:

Cormorant/seagull stand-off?
A long line of pelicans, low to the water.


Steph(anie) said...

Do you ever keep anything? Like if the tank top would fit? Am I weird to even consider it?

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the bird standoff. Yes, I suppose those who honor loved ones on the beach this way just don't think about what will become of their "markings," once they leave it behind. *sigh* I'd like to thank you for looking out for our beaches and ocean though. You ROCK!