Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Morning Beach Report/Thursday Night Street Report

If you look closely, you'll see them.
Terns dropping from the sky like paper airplanes.

Gulls with beaks so improbably red, they look like child beauty contestants.

 A congregations of willets, whimbrels, marbled godwits, and an occasional long-billed curlew.

As for the streets of my neighborhood tonight, I saw four rabbits, three people walking their dogs, and a guy changing the light-bulb above his garage. What's happening in your neighborhood?

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37paddington said...

The plants where I live are growing wild with rain and the gardeners, my neighbors, like this wild look that I secretly think looks unkempt. I crave order. That may have nothing to do with the gardens however and more to do with my untamed thoughts. I smile at the amateur gardeners as I walk by. At least they are committed.