Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Grief Report: Week 7

Daughter M and Dan in the Library Bar at my MFA graduation Jan. 2010
I'm sitting in this very spot as I write this. The plant in the corner has been replaced by a smaller pot of the same plant and now sits on the end table. M is a slightly older version of her amazing self--but back at home with my mom so I can be here. I have with a glass of white zinfandel instead of my customary lemon martini. Dan, however, is gone, no longer of this world. Part of grieving, I have discovered, is finding more and more places where the person you loved is not.

But I am breathing. Living. Talking. Listening. Relishing. Mourning. Rejoicing.

There's been a nice battery recharge for me here. Connecting with fellow writers, faculty, and mentors--and getting to read from my book. I will return to my reclusive corner of writer-ville, seeking community--wholeheartedly intending to build one.

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Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful picture.
You are so completely right- so many places our loved ones who have gone on are not.
Each place realized is a new kick to the heart.
I admire you and how you are rebuilding, creating, gathering and making art and beauty.